About Me - Carlos Herrera

Like many college students looking for a place to thrive, I found myself working in Yosemite National Park in 1993 after dropping out of the University of Southern California. For the next eleven years, I worked for The Ansel Adams Gallery, the only privately owned concession in the National Park system. My duties varied early on, but by 1998, I was as the Internet Operations Manager, where I created and maintained the Gallery's e-commerce website as well as managed the mail order side of the business.

One area that I felt was missing from the Gallery and Yosemite was Ansel’s photography workshop program that ended in 1990 after being established in 1958. After a few months of planning in 1999, the workshops were officially resurrected in 2000 and continue to this day. It was and is the gold standard for photography workshops in the United Sates due to its location and the world-class instructors that have taught in Yosemite over the years such as Alan Ross, John Sexton, Ray McSavaney, Patrick Jablonski, Michael Frye, Kerik Kouklis, Henry Gilpin, Gordon Hutchings, Mark Citret, Christopher Burkett, and Charles Cramer.

I left the Gallery in 2004 upon my first deployment to Iraq with B Company 1-184th Infantry. A second trip to the sandbox came in 2008 with C Battery 143rd Field Artillery. A wildly different mission to Afghanistan as a signal team chief came around in 2011. Along the way, my photographs have been made with a mixture of cameras and formats: 7x17, 8x10, 4x5, Nikon D4, Nikon D3, and Nikon D800.

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